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Self-care an essential ritual

Agnes & Me Blam Blam Balm

Initially, I created the Blam Blam beauty balm as a cleanser but it’s become an essential part of my self-care ritual every evening. I have been a fan of cleaning my face with oil, essential oils and a warm face cloth after being introduced to the method at health retreat south of Sydney. The experience […]

Does a moisturiser work?

Agnes & Me face cream

Have you ever wondered whether a moisturiser really works? If you’re like me, your mother probably advised you to apply a face cream at night. My mother certainly didn’t know the science behind skincare but she knew what worked. But now science proves what our mothers knew all along, a good face cream will work […]

Tips for dehydrated skin

how to fix your dry and dehydrated skin

We all love summer – hot, sunny days and balmy nights. But the sun is one of the main causes of dry and dehydrated skin, making it look older, duller and feeling a bit tight and rough. When we talk about dry, oily or combination skin these are skin types you’re born with. It’s your […]