Alway on trend for dehydrated Skin

When I am asked what I do for a living, I am not sure why, but I find it hard to say what it is (It was much easier to answer this when I was a nurse) or how to explain how I started down this road of being a skin care maker, brand owner, seller.

I had never been obsessed with skincare, minimalism was always my thing and, in all honesty, selling what I made never entered my head. Probably because I was the daughter of a shop keeper and spent all my Saturdays behind a counter, sold medical equipment into hospitals in Australia for a few years and I was always mega stressed -even though they said I was great 😊 and because I never believed anyone would buy what I made!

I had always dabbled with oils, but it wasn’t until I came to New Zealand that I started making the much more complicated product: face cream. That requires much better sanitisation, heating at high temperatures, mixing, emulsifying and preservation.

I made the face cream because my skin needed more hydration than the oils could provide. That was probably because I had hit 40, the age where the damage that’s been happening since our 20s starts to show and our skin starts to get a little thinner so loses water more easily. And I had come to New Zealand to live and in my experience, it was just much more dehydrating for my skin here than it was in Sydney -all the wind, the cold, the heat!

Anyway, I started making my face cream so I could have something natural, gorgeous, and really hydrating for myself and because it was just for me, I did not skimp on ingredients. The formula is still the same, still full of amazing stuff and I’ve used it twice a day, every single day since.

It was the face cream that got a friend so enthused she made me do a farmers’ market after she had been using it for a year. It’s now my most loved product, my top seller and my most 5-star reviewed

The skincare industry is such a faddy place, new trends happen constantly, products come, products go, people use far too many products, they scrub, the peel, they inject but mostly they still use face cream. And that’s because it is what your skin needs for health and beauty- water for hydration, a humectant to attract more water and oils for nutrition, softening and occlusion.

My Super Hydrating Face Cream has the best oils and lots of them xxx

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews

"I love this product! I have been using it for about a month now , I have used a lot of products from Estee Lauder to other natural products, and nothing beats this one. Feels great, great hydration, would highly recommend this to anyone!" Kathy 

"I first discovered this beautiful product over 5 years ago, and have used nothing else since.
Absolutely divine; leaving my skin feeling so soft, and nourished which feels wonderful. Also with an uplifting subtle scent which I love." Carolyn