Here is the answer to the most frequently asked questions we get.

I have a discount code, where do I put it?

You enter your code in the box at the top of the checkout page.

How long does it take to get my order?

We do our best to get orders dispatched within 24 hours of receiving during the working week and orders received by 10am will be dispatched the same day. We use overnight delivery but we have no control over the courier services' timing. If you live rurally, it will take an extra 2-3 day from dispatch. Please track your item's progress using the tracking email sent. This is not active until the courier scans it on pick-up.

Is the parcel tracked?

Yes, please click on the blue highlighted 24 digit number at end of the tracking email which will take you to NZ post tracking system.

I cannot see the tracking email you are talking about.

It is automatically sent to you when a courier label is created. This is sent to the email you provided. Please check you spam folders and if not there check the email address you provided. If this was incorrect contact us with the correct email as it is very hard to try to work out correct addresses when emails bounce.

Can the Agnes & Me packaging be recycled?

All of our products are in glass so can be recycled or preferably reused. At this stage we still have plastic lids and pumps but are trailing face and body oils bottles with a screw top for repeat purchases so the pump can be reused.

We use compostable bags for shipping and we package our products in a simple way using compostable cardboard.

Are there any parabens in Agnes & Me  products?

No and you will find no PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, petrolatum or synthetic colours in our products either. 

Are Agnes & Me fragrances natural?

Yes we only use therapeutic essential oils which are chosen for their skin benefits. They are all listed on the label.

Be wary if you see fragrance listed on an ingredients list as this can be anything at all (not even a fragrance) as a loophole in the cosmetic labelling allows up to 2% of ingredients to not be disclosed and for fragrance to be used for anything

Are Agnes & Me products vegan-friendly?

Most of our products are vegan however our Blam Blam Beauty Balm is NOT as it contains beeswax.

Are Agnes & Me  products cruelty free?

100% yes!

Are Agnes & Me products organic?

We use a lot of certified organic ingredients. Where organic ingredients are not available or are too expensive, we have sourced high-quality natural ingredients instead. All product ingredients, including organic and fairtrade are clearly documented on the label and on the product pages.

Why does natural or organic matter?

We believe that natural and organic skincare ingredients are better for us than their synthetic alternatives. We want to our products to be simple, gorgeous, high-quality and made with sustainable ingredients. Organic farming produces crops by using only environmental- and animal-friendly methods. They prohibit the use of synthetic fertilisers and restrict pesticides, meaning that crops are fertilised naturally by crop rotation, compost and manure. Our organic ingredients are certified by BioGro New Zealand.

Where are your products made?

We make small batches of skincare by hand in our workroom in Titirangi Auckland, New Zealand, which means that your skincare is as fresh as it can be when you open the jar.

Why do you use amber bottles and jars?

To protect the product inside from the light and sun, as oils and butters can be affected by UV light. You still need to keep them out direct sunlight as instructed on the product labels.

Do you do refills?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service as all skincare products must be packaged in carefully sanitised jars and bottles to ensure there is no contamination. Also refilling an oil product will not result in the best product as that would mix new oils with old oils. We (and all other skincare brands) recommend that oils are used within 6 months as exposure to air causes rancidity.

We have recently introduced a pump-free option for some of our products so you can re-use pumps from previous bottles and reduce your waste! 

The jars make great spice containers and lovely plant pots for mini succulents. We have Instagram posts showing what customers have done with their jars. Let us know if you find another great way to reuse them!

This product smells or looks a wee bit different than my last one. Have you changed the formula?

Because all our ingredients are organic and natural, and our products are made by hand, occasionally there can slight variation in colour or smell from batch to batch. We use organic Rosehip Oil in some of our products and it's distinct orange colour and aroma can alter in intensity from batch to batch from the supplier.

Do you have SPF in your face products?

No. I recommend you use a dedicated sunblock: a product that is made to protect you from the sun and only that. With products that have SPF in built, I believe you cannot to apply enough make-up or face cream to get the coverage that’s required to protect you from the sun. Generally, you need to apply more sunblock than you think and what’s in your make-up or face cream won’t be enough. And the reason sunblock needs to be reapplied every two hours is because it becomes clumped or uneven (like your make-up does) and that allows the UV rays to get through.

Having your sunblock built into your make-up gives you a false sense of security that you’re going out protected all day. Even the best sunblock’s protect you for only a few hours. No-one reapplies their make-up or skincare that frequently.

Do you have a cleanser?

Our Blam Blam Blam is our cleanser. It is a beautiful way to clean your face with a warm wet cloth and removes all makeup, dirt and SPF without drying out your skin. Check out the video on the product page.

Do I really need to clean my face at night when I have not worn any make-up?


I have sensitive skin, can I use Agnes & Me products?

Many of our customers tell us they have sensitive skin and our products work really well for them and there are many reviews saying this. But I cannot say that this will definitely work for you as there is no magic product that works on everyone 100% of the time. However we have a 14 day Guarantee if you have issues with the product  As with anything when you have sensitive skin, I recommend patch testing before use and introduce a new product slowly. The aim when you have sensitive skin is to focus on improving your skin's natural barrier, so use a gentle cleanser, do not exfoliate, use great hydrating oils and creams. And please do not use too many different products as this confuses your skin and makes matters worse. Check out my blog on Why is my skin so sensitive  

I am in my mid 40s and my skin feels dry what Agnes & Me products should I use?

All of them. It is a normal that your skin gets drier as you get a bit older as the skin is a barrier to water loss and as you get older it does get thinner and therefore more permeable – so you lose water. The silver lining is that because your skin is thinner and more permeable it absorbs the moisture contained in hydrating products much more readily.

Our Super Hydrating Face Cream is a fantastic product to use, especially at night to deliver hydration and stop further water loss.

Our Organic Face Oil is also an amazing way to quench dryness and to deliver a strong dose of antioxidant protective oils.

And use the Blam Blam Beauty Balm as a cleanser so as to not cause further damage to your skin barrier. 

Why is the Agnes & Me Pink Clay Mask a powder?

Because this allows to avoid a preservative. All you need to do is add water right before you use it. It’s simple, indulgent, fresh and potent every time.

Should I put my face oil on before my face cream?

There is so much debate on this and if you look online, it is very confusing, but it all comes down to the actual products themselves. What is agreed on is that the thickest and heaviest product goes last as it stops moisture loss and being last, it does not stop your other products working.

I recommend the Agnes & Me Organic Face Oil goes under our Super Hydrating Face Cream because the Face Oil is made with light-weight ingredients that are easily absorbed, while our Face Cream is heavier. Not all oils are light; if they feel heavy, they probably are: think olive, mineral and coconut (I say NEVER put coconut on your face but that’s a topic all if its own).

However, if you try the Face Oil under the Face Cream and it feels wrong then listen to your skin and do what feels comfortable. Your skin ALWAYS knows, so listen and feel.

What order do I apply my skincare?

Firstly, always apply your skincare to clean skin with clean hands. If you have a serum apply that first. If you use a face oil, follow with that and then a face cream is always the last step at night. SPF is the last step in the morning.

What is the Blam Blam Balm?

Initially, I made the Blam Blam Balm as a cleanser long before I ever thought of selling it.

However, this multipurpose wonder is more than just a cleanser. It’s an authentic multi-use product; a face mask that works while you sleep, an all-over moisturiser, a hand, foot, cuticle and dry skin treatment, a hair texturiser. And it's perfect for travel.

Why would I use a face oil?

The oils in our Organic Face Oil give you a big hit of antioxidants and fatty acids for your face so they are like a face protector from the baddies: free radicals. They are great for balancing, nourishing and replenishing your skin and protecting it against dryness caused by cold or hot weather. And it really does give your face an instant glow.

They are good for everyone; nourishing for dry and mature skin -our skin becomes drier as we get a bit older, it's normal physiology as our skin produces less of its own sebum with the drop in oestrogen. And oily skin needs nourishing too and starving it can have the adverse effect of creating more oil. And if you have sensitive skin? Yes. I made this with sensitive skin in mind but like everything new when you have sensitive skin start slowly and patch test first.

Can I use face oil If I have oily skin?

Yes, because oily skin needs nourishing too and starving it can have the adverse effect of creating more oil. And if you have sensitive skin? Yes. I made this with sensitive skin in mind but like everything new when you have sensitive skin start slowly + patch test first.

Why do I need a face cream?

A good face cream has all the elements to give your face the hydration, protection, nourishment and love it needs as it is made up of three key elements:

  • a water base which delivers hydration to the outer layer;
  • a humectant which draws water up from our lower tissues to deliver more hydration to that outer skin
  • oils to soften, nourish and protect your skin and aid hydration by forming an occlusive layer that locks in water.  

What is the shelf life of your products?

To ensure that your products are used during their time of peak freshness, we recommend storing all products in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight and using them within 12 months of purchase and within 6 months of opening. Because all of our ingredients are organic and natural, occasionally there can slight variation in colour from batch to batch.