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Love it!

I am a repeat customer of the super hydrating cream. The fragrance is calming and beautiful, the consistency is creamy, it is super hydrating but does not leave your skin shiny nor oily. And I would like to add, the amazing customer service, personal notes in the packages, compostable packaging, and ease of ordering are just a massive bonus. Thank you so much!

Love this product!

I adore this cream, it's so creamy and hydrating, and you don't need to put heaps on

Amazing as always

I have used Agnes and Me for over 2 years and have always recommended them to friends- amazing smell, texture and moisturizing!

Balm magic

I was making chilli jam the other day and got some very hot habanero chillies on my fingers ... the burning sensation built up over the day and I couldn't get it off my fingers. I tried online remedies like making a paste with baking soda, or rubbing my fingers in olive oil, but to no avail. The pain was quite high when I went to bed. It was then I remembered somethign a colleague had told me about the Blam Blam, that she used it on a burn (and I think I've read about using it on bee stings). Anyway, I rubbed the balm all over my fingers and I'm not kidding that within minutes the burning sensation died down and soon it was comfortable enough to sleep. And when I woke up in the night the pain was completely gone. I don't know what's in it that seems to work this magic, but I swear by it!

Cant live without it!

Absolutely love this face cream, it smells divine and is just amazing for my skin. Have stopped using any other face cream. Customer service is also above and beyond (such as when I forgot to order and need it asap)

These are the first Agens &Me products I have bought. I got the minis so they'd be small to travel with. They are just divine, I will definitely be buying the proper sizes once these run out.


My “mature” skin is so grateful.
Thank you.

Beauty staple for me! Blam Blam Balm

Been using Blam Blam for multitude of things for years. Have had every size available for myself and given as gifts. Wouldn't be without it. Currently it's soothing the start of the season mozzie bites.

Blam Blam Beauty Balm works a treat

I've used this on rough spots on my hands, my elderly mother has been using it on her arthritic fingers and also on her face after having the flu and said her skin felt hydrated again - it is absolutely lovely and we will buy again.

The best for my face!

I love all the products!

Super Hydrating Face Cream with Geranium and Organic Rosehip

Re purchased after originally getting the trail Restorative Bundle and then the full size bundle. A lovely all purpose cream, no need for separate day and night creams.


Loving the fragrance, my skin absorbs it straight away, and it really leaves it hydrated and blowing. Nice addition to my Agnes and Me collection. I would only say that the pump is a bit hard to press and you have to go slow but firmly as the product comes out fast.
Thanks Deirdre, another amazing product!


It is the perfect weight - not too thick, light or greasy. Smells delightful.
By habit, I tend to use too much so a little bit does go a long way! I waited 4 months to write a review to make sure I do like it, and I won't be buying anything else again!


Recently I ran out and was without the serum for 2 weeks and I really noticed it. My skin was so dull and lacking without it. It is the quickest and most luxurious form of self care I can do for myself. I feel bright and shiny!
I have been through so many natural skincare brands and I am thrilled that the search is finally over!


An amazing product that keeps my skin hydrated and smooth!

Oh so soft

I just love this product, my skin feels the best it’s been in years…thanks Deidre ☺️

Beautiful body oil

Love it. So moisturizing with a lovely blend of orange and patchouli. Is surprisingly good and smells divine.

Agnes and me Lip Balm is such a wonderful smooth blend; refreshing and perfect for summertime!

Restorative Bundle
Anita Glover

Restorative Bundle

Have used the Blam Blam balm every day for 6 years along with the face cream. Best skincare products in the world.

It’s the best!

I came across Agnes and me products when I googled nz made products in sustainable packaging and I’m am so glad I decided to buy it. My skin has never looked better and continues to do so. I also love the informative emails that I get and have not felt the need to unsubscribe like I have for so many other websites. Please continue making these nourishing products. #customerforlife

After using another brand of face oil that was given to me as a birthday gift, I couldn’t wait to get back to the Agnes and Me Face Oil!
It lasts longer than any other brand I’ve used - a little bit goes a long way. It glides on, gives my mature skin a real moisture boost, and it smells great too.
I just keep coming back to it; it’s an essential part of my skincare routine now.

Organic Face Oil

I'm 73, and on to my second bottle of Face Oil. I've been using it nightly, and lots of mornings. Feels so good, and my skin loves it. If I'm not going out, I just pop tinted sun moisture over it, and go about my day...(or garden).
Another excellent A&M product 👌

Lovely Product

My skin tends to be dehydrated and this product seems to perform every bit as well as the $200 cream I used before.

Restorative Face Serum

Fabulous, light, and lovely. I also add a drop or two, to some foundation, to give lighter coverage.