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I love this! I feel my skin glowing every time I use it.

Fragrance changed?

I have enjoyed using this cream which suits my skin as a night cream. It feels great. However the delicious fresh floral perfume has changed recently to a rather over almondy smell. Disappointing. I hope you can source the previous ingredients. Your oil has a delightful fragrance.

I am so disappointed to read this Jean, sorry. I have not changed the formula but I do have one of my FAQ on the website addressing the variations in colour and smell as it is sometimes just the change in the batch number of an ingredient that I get from the suppliers 'Because all our ingredients are organic and natural, and our products are made by hand, occasionally there can slight variation in colour or smell from batch to batch.' But I will send you an email to see what batch number you experienced this with and get you another jar, Deirdre

Restorative Bundle
Jody Macdonald
Love it!

I purchased the restorative bundle and absolutely love it. I've been using it now for 2 weeks and my skin feels like it did in my 20's.
Trying it on my daughter's acne prone skin now also to see if it helps.
Highly recommend these products.

Jody, I love this, thank you. Will you let me know how it goes with your daughter? Deirdre

Blam blam balm gave my face back!

I previously had major skin cancers removed from one side of my face. They had to go in deep to get it all. While I was healing I took a month off work, I hid at home and didn't go out at all.
A friend gave me some Blam blam balm which I was reluctant to use because of risk of infection. However after using only Blam blam balm for a month my face healed and the scars disappeared giving back my face and the confidence to go outside again after a month indoors! So thank you for creating it, I don't hide my face anymore with my hair and wear less make up, so I want to let you know how grateful I am, thank you!

My everyday essential

I have been using this face cream for over two years now and I still enjoy using it every single day. I use it morning and night as part of my face routine and the result is my face feeling hydrated and an even skin tone. Could not recommend this more.

Thank you so much Alex

Restorative face serum with bakuchiol and kiwi seed

My skin was already in tip top condition after a recent discovery of the magical Agnes and Me face oil. I was surprised to see how much brighter my skin became when I used the serum. Those pesky dark age spots have started to fade. I worried that applying both the serum and face oil would make me look shiny as a glazed doughnut. But I am pleasantly delighted that the products get absorbed leaving my skin soft and lovely.

Jill, thank you and great to know that both face oil and serum working so well together, Deirdre

My new favourite.

I love this serum! I’ve been using the Super Hydrating Face Cream for about two years now and when Deirdre announced the new face serum, I couldn’t wait to try it. It’s honestly the best serum I have ever used. Not much is needed, which means your face isn’t shiny and oily, it’s just the right amount of hydration, leaving the skin glowing and feeling super soft. It’s been added to my little beauty regimen.
And what I love about all the Agnes & Me products is that they are cruelty free, vegan, organic and made locally 🖤

thank you lovely and especially for that gorgeous photo and good for you for working out how to get a photo with the review xx

Less is more

Just a tiny tiny bit goes a long way!! I was using way too much to begin with. I dab more on at night and less on during the day.

Thanks so much Meg and it is definitely a good thing to use more at night ☺

Lovely products

I love the blam blam balm, makes my skin feel great after using last thing at night. The dace oil is a treat too, and tge face cream will always be on my list of buys.

Organic face oil with Macadamia oil

Loving this oil. I can feel the difference it's making to my skin.
Smells nice too.

Bakuchiol Serum

I've only been using this for a week and I'm absolutely loving the way my face is feeling so soft and my itchy red spots have even settled now and not itchy or barely even red anymore. I'm going to try it on the back of my hands now too. It's amazing love love love 💘

Wendy, lovely to hear and let me know how it goes on your hands. Probably best to do it last thing at night when you are not going to be cleaning your hands for a few hours so it gets a good chance to work , Deirdre

Restorative Face Serum with Bakuchiol & Kiwi Seed - highly recommend!

Another wonderfully uplifting product from Agnes & Me. Honestly, I have found the serum (and the face cream and Blam Blam Balm) so lovely that they improve my general wellbeing on the daily. I have got my glow back and I feel so much better. I highly recommend all of these to anyone, but especially to those of you who are coming to terms with how skin can become a bit dull and more sensitive as we age. This serum doesn't muck around - it gets straight to work on sorting your skin out and helps improve vibrancy and confidence.

Jane, I love this and will be using it in a post somewhere because you have summed it up so well. There are so many of us coming to terms with how our skin and everything changes as we get older so lovely to hear that how the serum has helped you. Deirdre x

Bloody lovely!

For me, this cream has the perfect balance between richness and weight - so lush without being heavy or greasy. It has given my face so much of its life back :-) Just buy it! I use it as part of a three-pronged approach with Blam Blam Balm and the Restorative Face Serum with Bakuchiol & Kiwi Seed and they are all magical in their own way.

Face serum

I have been using Agnes and me products for over 18 months and have been so happy with them so I jumped at the chance to try out the new face serum when it was announced. I thought my skin was feeling good before but this serum is next level. My skin feels so much softer and I feel the skin blemishes that come with ageing skin are also less noticeable ! Even my son has noticed, telling me I look younger . I highly recommend the Agnes & Me products. Thanks Deirdre!

Fabulous Agnes & Me Face Serum

I use Agnes & Me serum day and night, it makes my skin feel lush. The serum absorbs quickly, has an almost matte like finish - giving a great base for Agnes and Me face cream (another awesome product).

Love this face serum!

I have been using my Agnes & Me face serum for a week now and can honestly say my skin feels and looks so much better. It is such a lovely product and feels like silk on my skin. I am so happy I found Deidre at a local market a few years ago. I love all of the range and would not use anything else. Just amazing!

Exceeded Expectations

This lovely serum was recommended by a friend, and I was not disappointed! I have only been using it for a week and the only appropriate word I can think of is "dewy". That's how it makes my skin feel. I use it day and night as recommended and I just love the texture of my skin all day, and when I wake up in the morning, it feels just the same. I put a little bit on the top of my hands as well and it has even improved how they look too! Miracle product!

This feels amazing on my sensitive skin - and is surprisingly light which I love!

What a treat!

Ive purchased this for my partners birthday two years in a row now! She absolutely loves it!


My mum Maree bought me this serum as a treat over lockdown and I am so grateful. It is so nice and light I only need a couple of drops. I will definitely be spoiling myself when it runs out!

Love Blam Blam beauty balm

Combo is great

The combo is a great option. I use the face oil underneath the face cream. You only need a little bit, and my skin feels nourished and hydrated all day!
I love this ritual in the morning (and sometimes also in the evening). I am looking forward to trying out the new Restorative Face Serum with Bakuchiol & Kiwi Seed Oil!

Beautiful oil

I love this product on my skin which tends to be very dry and sensitive. This is soothing and lovely, never greasy or heavy and sits well under makeup.

Body oil

Comforting and pleasing perfume from this oil, but I still prefer a body cream as I find the oil slightly messy to use.

Thumbs up for Blam Blam Balm

I love and use this balm on a regular basis. Has many uses making it a very versatile product. Bought this latest tub as a gift for my mother but still waiting to deliver to her due Covid lockdown. Very confident she will be added to the fan base for this product too.