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Face oil

I hadn’t thought of using an oil as well as a moisturiser. Now that I am my skin is softer and more nourished. The face oil is rich but still light and well absorbed.

A gentle way to remove the day. Great on mosquito bites as well.


Love your Organic Face oil. Use it every day and it always feels like a treat!

I Just love all these wonderful products. my ageing skin craves them. I would not use anything else now.

Super Hydrating Face Cream with Organic Rosehip Oil 60mls

Recent purchase

I have been using Deirdre’s products for some time now and absolutely love them all. My last purchase was the daily essentials bundle I got the face oil without the pump which is handy as I already purchased one earlier on. I use these daily and have definitely noticed a difference. I have sensitive skin and have had no problemsThanks Deirdre for making these available for us to buy😊

Body Oil

Love this product as it leaves my skin feeling moisturised and silky soft. Perfect for the dryness of winter.

Amazing serum

This is my go to every day. This serum hydrates my skin without breakouts and feels and smells devine

Face Cream

Hi Deidre - I've been using your skincare products (Face Cream and Face Oil) for over 4 years now and love them - not only are they great products but I love the ethos of your company too.
My skin sensitives have all but disappeared and I get a lot of compliments on my skin - people seem surprised when I tell them I'm 55 years old!
I can't recommend Agnes & Me highly enough.
Thank you for creating such great products.

Pink Clay Mask

Nice mask, easy to mix, nice tip to use face oil to mix with it! Really is a nice treat

Fantastic for Rosacea!

I have been using these products for about a year now and they have been life changing for me! I have pustula rosacea on the end of my nose, one cheek and in my lip line. I have been on antibiotics and had cream from the doctor with no permanent results, it just keeps coming back. The Agnes and Me blam blam balm applied to the area 3 times a day has smoothed down all the rosacea bumps so much that I can wear make up again comfortably, I don't get flare ups anywhere as much as I used to and when I do I just put more of the balm on and it just soothes it and makes it less angry. I also use the face oil twice a day and the face cream. The overall condition of my skin has improved so much, it's astounding. I'm in my early 40's and my skin really started to dry out a few years ago. These products have given me back my soft smooth skin. My confidence has improved so much from using these products and getting my good skin back. I highly recommend, the price is very reasonable given how long they last. You know exactly what you are putting on your skin, no nasty chemicals. An absolute life saver in my opinion! Deirdre is so lovely and knowledgeable and the products always arrive so fast. If you have been struggling with dry skin and/or Rosacea, I think you should give all these products a go. Thanks so much Deirdre!

Great stuff

Great oil and love the Blam Blam

Blam Blam Balm through menopause

I've been struggling with my skin through menopause ... it doesn't know whether its wrinkly and dry or oily and pimply. I used to use your your balm religiously and then stopped for some reason and my skin acted up terribly. I've just started using the blam blam balm again and already there has been a vast improvement. Thank-you for making such a wonderful product that doesn't cost the earth!

Rich, hydrating & soothing

Love this face cream! It feels amazing on my skin, rich, hydrating and soothing, smells great at bedtime and best of all made in NZ from superior ingredients!

Blam Blam Balm

I love the smell and consistently of this product, has been great got everything especially my cracked heels and dry hands

Masking Joy

Tried my recently purchased pink clay mask today. What a lovely experience. Easy to mix and apply and washed off well in the shower. Left my skin looking refreshed and feeling very soft.

Best face cream ever

I absolutely love this cream! Gorgeous fragrance and a hydrating cream that suits my combination/dry sensitive skin. I’ve been using this cream for a while now and so pleased with the product and the friendly service and speedy deliveries.

Beautifully smooth

I love this face cream, it smells lovely and at last I've found an eco brand made in NZ and I don't have to commit to buying every 2 months- thank you for that, I will buy it for sure again.

Perfect for these colder days and wind chill on your face

This is my 2nd pot of Hydrating Face Cream and I particularly notice the benefit in these colder months. I like to get out in the fresh air for some daily exercise and this cream defends against the coldest of winds. I also like the fact that it is made in small batches of high quality products and that I can support a local producer.

Great for sensitive skin

This is the only product that I have found that I can use on my very sensitive skin. A god send now in winter when my face normally really suffers-no more flaky sore skin!

A Repeat Customer

I absolutely love this face cream, as does my mother in law. This time I purchased three pots so my Mum could try it as well and she is now a convert. My skin feels amazing after using the cream, I love the smell and couldn’t imagine using anything else now.

Super Hydrating Face Cream with Organic Rosehip Oil 60mls

Natural Beauty

Love these products and the couple behind them. Great customer service too. Have the complete range now. 😀👍

Luxury in a jar

Love the smell of the cream and feels like I am giving my face a special treat each day! Cream is easily absorbed into my skin and feels beautifully smooth. Would highly recommend!

Blam Blam Beauty Balm

I love it, cant get through a day without it, specially in winter when my hands just seem to drink it up.