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A huge difference to my skin

I wish I had a before and after for you. I adore this product and it has made such a huge difference to lines and redness

LOVING the serum!

I have particularly dry skin but the serum has significantly helped. I started noticing a difference at around the 2 week mark. The combination of this and the face cream feels so nourishing and protective. Love!

Yum yum yum for the Blam, blam, blam + Hemp seed oil

I just love the smell, like I could eat it all up. Fabulous to know it’s feeding my skin.
I’m living and working between the tropics and Tasmania . Moving from tropical weather to a much drIer climate has its challenges. With this yummy skin food, my skin adapts really well. With the residual on my hands I moisten my lower legs. I’ve even had a foot, toe massage, my toes slurped it up.
The new Serum I’m also loving. After gently cleansing my face morning and evening, I apply 2 drops to my palms and caress my face.bit feels soo luxurious. Thank you A and M, Paula

Sensational scent

I love the scent sooooo refreshing.

Blam Blam

Great product and great service.
Then re ordered the small tin. Perfect for pocket and handbag

The boost I needed

Your products have always been amazing but your new face serum takes things to a whole new level!! My skin has never felt this good so it has certainly been a confidence booster.

thank you for this fabulous review. So delighted you love the serum too, Deirdre

Great for my skin

I love this moisturiser. I have been using it for a while now and I it does a great job.

Restorative Face Serum

This is a must have product, my skin is now radiant, I use under blam blam balm in evenings, and hydrating face cream in mornings and it really is great for mature skin. My face feels less dry without being too greasy. Another great Agnes and Me product in my must have selection!

Restorative bundle

These products have been my best find! My skin has improved significantly since I started using Agnes and Me early last year, after many years of trying a range of products. Adding the face serum has been another addd bonus and I wouldn’t be without them all. Thanks Deirdre 😇

Restorative Face MAGIC

Am currently using my 2nd bottle of this restorative serum and just feel more and more impressed with the results. Leaves skin feeling so soft and slowly but surely it is helping with pigmentation. Absorbs nicely into skin so doesn’t leave a sticky residue on clothing or bed linen. Love it 💕


Fabulous - noticed a huge improvement to my skin, fine lines dissappering and glowing which is great for a 75 yr old. Would recommend it to everyone

Restorative Bundle
Barbara Moore
Resorative bundle

Absolutely love the new oil, I do believe I am seeing a difference and as always blam blam and face moisturiser is always a pleasure to use, my face has never been better, love love love

Super Hydrating Face Cream

It's quite good to take it as my daily cream (day & night). It can compare with other famous brands which I used before. I'm happy to continue use it.

Super Hydrating Face Cream with Organic Rosehip Oil 60mls

Restorative Bundle
Christine Young
Restorative Bundle friend

Great. Skin is softer, clearer with significant reduction in dry patches & black heads. Loving it. 😊

Cocoa and Mint Lip Balm 10gms
Nicola (From Facebook)

I am completely obsessed with your Lip Balm! I used it regularly throughout the day and last thing at night before bed, definitely a huge favourite xxx

New favourite skincare product. My skin was so dry before and the difference was almost immediate once I started using the balm in the evenings. Plus, it smells divine!

Restorative Face Serum - Wonderful

I have been using the Restorative Face Serum with Bakuchiol & Kiwi Seed Oil for a month now, and I am very happy with how soft it makes my face feel. Also, sometimes I use it on the back of my hands at night, and the next morning they feel soft and hydrated.

Bodacious Blam Blam Balm!

Really love the balm - works well for all sorts of things including rough/cracked heels. Excellent product, thanks Deidre.

Restorative Face Serum

Have just started using this product about a week ago, but I love putting it on, it gets absorbed quickly and it feels light and the skin feels smooth

After 2 weeks of the Restorative Face Serum, amazing results!

I have been using the new face serum for 2 weeks. As I approach 50 I have learned that pigmentation can occur due to fluctuating oestrogen levels, I was experiencing this. Now these darker areas of skin on my face seem to be vanishing, and that’s even as the sun shines more moving into summer. I’m sure it’s the new serum working its magic, as my skin feels more hydrated and looks healthier too. The fine lines are also lessening. Out of all the products (and I struggle to find the one I adore the most) this feels like the love affair!

Loving the new serum

I love Agnes & me products. I started using the new serum last week, my skin is loving it. It's a beautiful product, so light on my skin. I rub any excess into the backs of my hand rather than waste it, my hands are loving it as well 🤩

Serum newbie

So I didn’t really know what a serum was but I’m definitely a convert now! Fast absorbing and non greasy it’s been a twice day habit under my Agnes & Me face cream for about a month now. I’m noticing a definite softening of my wrinkles and I’ve given up my hydrocortisone for a few persistent patches of psoriasis around my nose that seem to be slowly but surely resolving! I never prioritised my skincare before so it’s the most I’ve spent on one skincare product but at only 3 drops per application it’s actually a steal for this liquid gold! Will definitely be re-purchasing when the time comes

Thanks Suzie and I am delighted you have been able to stop using the steroid treatment

I have never used a serum before, so can't compare. I try to do as natural as I can and my skin thanks me for it. I love the face cream and now am sold on the serum.
I have been using the serum for just over a month now. Didn't really think I had that many wrinkles. I do. Well they are not so profound now. Am concentrating around my upper lip. Very happy with this beautiful product. With wearing a face mask all day at work, my face still feels fab at the end of my shift❣ Thanks again for another awesome product that my skin loves.

that is lovely thank you Lynley and delighted that this is helping you keep your face nourished after daily mask wearing, Deirdre

I love this! I feel my skin glowing every time I use it.