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Absolutely fabulous

I've always had dry, sensitive skin, and now that I'm heading into my late 40s it's getting harder to find skin care products that work for me. I've been searching for several years now to find a product that ticks all the ethical boxes and is good for my skin, to no avail - until now. I've been using these three products for a month now (Blam Blam Balm, Face Cream, and Face Serum) and my skin is feeling so hydrated and happy, and looking great too. I use the serum and face cream in the morning, and the balm, serum and face cream in the evenings. I only need to use a small amount at a time, and the smell is delicate and lovely. Highly recommended!

Everyday luxury

These products smell divine, feel amazing and make my skin so soft. I am definitely a fan and will not be looking elsewhere!

Blam Blam Beauty Balm

I'm taking this opportunity to do a big shout out to Dennis McCracken who introduced me to Blam Blam balm by displaying a sample of the product at our workplace for a friend. The first application from the tester pot had me hooked with the beautiful scent alone and now, after purchase of pottle number 6, one it was my pleasure to gift, I fully promote its many luxurious wonders that rejuvenate my whole body from head to toe, giving it that warm Summer glow. I also love how each pottle is numbered.

I am so delighted to know that this is you who Mac (that's what I call him) brought all those jars into the city. He was my best and most surprising avocate -I was devastated when he retired He and Vicki will be so happy to see this, thanks so much Jo

Restorative Bundle
Marie Walker

My skin feels so much better since I’ve started using ‘restorative bundle’ products again. And then there is the amazing smell!

Kissed by Summer

It's winter and my once very dry skin feels like it has been kissed by Summer every time I apply your luxurious body oil. It smells divine and I love how people pick up on a delicious scent as I pass by. My skin has never looked healthier or felt so velvety smooth. I'm a fan!!

Pregnancy win!

Love this product SO much. Not only does it make my skin feel like velvet, I believe it’s what reduced/removed entirely the hyperpigmentation I experienced during my pregnancy. I support you to get some of this in your life!


Amazing product. Makes my skin feel so soft. Great value too and amazing fragrance.

It's good to use a few drops of the above oil before face cream in winter, do not feel oily, the skin absorb all of it.

So brilliant

It is perfect as a nighttime treat for my skin. After cleansing of course! Love it

Devine Oil

This Oil is so smooth and nourishing. I love it under my makeup, it gives my skin a lustre

Organic Face Oil with Camellia and Macadamia

Best skincare item ever!

I’ve used the Restorative Face Serum for at least 6 months and felt I noticed an improvement in the hydration of my skin within a couple of weeks. However in recent weeks I’ve noticed a more significant improvement and am SO pleased! I struggle with dry skin over most of my body, so do love my face feeling and looking hydrated is amazing.

that's the best headline ever thank you :)and this is great news considering you are in the real cold down in Wanaka! I need to write more about the hydration of the serum as the other ingredients in there are superstar hydrators

more than just skin care

Yesterday's high point, opening the package from and seeing the lovely new labelling.
Even better was using the Blam Blam balm. I’d run right out so missed it for a couple of nights. Breathing it in, plus the soft soothing feel. Every time I use it reminds me that however bad today has been, tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start.

Organic Body Oil

Nourishing my skin naturally. Refreshing, invigorating perfume

Fab face cream

Have been using the Super Hydrating Face Cream for a few years now. Opened a new jar today and am happy to say it is as fabulous as ever. Love that it is all natural too.

Face Cream Mini

I love this product and now the fact that I can purchase mini’s to share the goodness with friends is wonderful! This one is winging its way to England 🌺

Genius and versatile!

Wow this is such a versatile and genius product, it does everything it says it will do!

Goodness in a jar

Love the product … love the product maker. I have highly sensitive skin and am VERY cautious but it’s never given me a reason to decide not to repurchase the product or the products.

I am a repeat custy as a result of this beautiful skin care - I am onto my 11th jar purchased now.

So nourishing

Love the face cream and the balm, perfect for winter and really caring for your skin. Gorgeous gentle smell too.

Love this product

Love to use this serum under Agnes and Me face cream
I’ve found it dramatically reduces fine lines but was really surprised how immediate the effects are
Just ordered some more!

Life Savers

I have had some efudix treatment on my face and it's been brutal and left me looking like I have had a major burn to my face. My skin is so incredibly sore and sensitive. The only things I have been able to put on it are your face serum and the blam blam blam cream. Both have been life savers. The blam cream stings a bit but that’s because the skin is so raw but the serum is so soothing.

So whatever you put in these things – they have been a lifesaver for me.

Helped so much

I have just been through chemotherapy which has left me exhausted and my skin really dry and tight. I use the blam blam balm on my face as a moisturiser every day and it never feels oily, has stopped the dry and tight feeling and made my skin feel amazing. It's been so good I have shared it in my support groups and hope it helps others.

Agnes&Me Hydrating Face Cream

I asked someone recently what she was using as hydration as her skin looks so healthy and alive so now I've been using my own a couple of weeks. I love it. My foundation is going on better and I'm so happy I discover Agnes&Me.

I love it when others recommend -its the best Thank you to you both

Face Cream♥️

I love using this Face Cream as it makes my face feel hydrated without a greasy feel. Works so well under my foundation. Just everything about it..texture, smell and how it makes my skin feel is perfect. Highly recommend using it with the serum too.

Smells amazing and feels great

I came to Agnes and Me via Ethically Kate’s recommendation. I love using locally made, low-waste, excellent products. The face cream has sorted out small spots of dermatitis and seems to work great on my 30s skin. My only request would be to have the face cream in a larger pottle option - I think I’m going to lap it up it’s so good!