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Healing products for sensitive skin

I absolutely love these products. I have been using the balm, face cream and serum for 5 months and I noticed within the first few weeks a lesion that I had on the bridge of my nose for years starting to heal and now has gone. As a 68 year old with sensitive skin I have wasted a lot of money over the years trying many different products, so am delighted to be finally using a skin care routine that makes my skin feel good,

Love love love this face cream

Over the years I’ve tried many face creams but this one is my absolute favourite as it is super hydrating and makes my skin feel lush and soft. Highly recommend

Beautiful face care

I love love love my products. I clean with the blam blam balm and then use the serum and face cream to moisturise. My skin looks and feels amazing.


Loving the product, my skin feels amazing

Finally found it!

Perfect moisturiser with everything I was looking for; locally owned and operated, eco friendly, natural ingredients, smooth and light, and it works without leaving my skin oily! Thank you!

Super Hydrating Face Cream with Organic Rosehip Oil

Light, beautiful scent and easy to apply. Great everyday moisturiser.

Restorative Bundle
Maree Stewart
Best self care

Just love my daily routine with these 3 products. Always a time to remember to care for me.

My go to for hands

As a health professional, I am washing my hands many times a day and the skin certainly suffers. I have been using Blam Blam for many years now and would t be without it.

Great on the neck too

I noticed my neck and chest skin looking a bit Sun damaged after this long summer, but after only 2 weeks of this lovely facial cream, the skin is looking hydrated and pumped.

My glowing skin thanks you

A high quality product that feels luxe to use! I've been using this for about a fortnight and my skin is glowing and getting compliments. I love that I can support a Kiwi business and have great skin, will be trying your other products next.

I have extra sensitive skin with irreversible damage from other products, and from day 1 of using the wonderful face cream, never had any reaction at all. Absolutely wonderful products. Thankyou Deirdre.

Devine facial oil

Both myself and my hubby use this facial oil. We love it - the smell and the oil is light and penetrates quickly into the skin. We strongly recommend as part of a weekly routine


Excellent product! Don’t want to use anything else - have been using for at least three years

Great for my sensitive skin

I’ve had trouble finding the right face cream for my very dry skin, too heavy and I break out, too light and they don’t do enough to help. I find this face cream deeply nourishing and a perfect companion to the serum. The moisturising effect lasts all day without leaving a greasy feeling or a tight film like other creams I’ve tried. I put on a light amount in the morning as a nice moisture-rich primer for my powder foundation and a healthy amount after cleanse and serum at night to work it’s magic while I sleep. Absolute game changer!

Restorative Bundle
Charlene Stayte
Face serum, blam blam balm and face cream

These are beautiful products. My skin is glowing and the smell is so nice. Thank you so much Deidre for making such lovely skincare

Restorative joy

Love the continuation of this restorative joy. This is my go to skin care for now and the future. Thanks for creating.

That's lovely feedback and love that it's your 'go to skincare'

Calming and so effective

I love this balm. Its my 4th jar and I have gifted it to many friends. It smells beautiful, feels luxurious so I really feel like I am looking after myself when I use it, and my skin feels great after-soft and glowy 💚 and It's been a godsend for my face under the face mask I have to wear at work so thank you

Super Hydrating Face Cream

This is my 3rd purchase of the face cream, which speaks for itself, very happy with product; fragrance, texture, ability to wear under make up. Friends are saying “your skin looks great! What are you doing?” Very economical too, thank you

Deirdre - the serum is amazing! My skin feels great and looks so much more hydrated. Glowing! What have you made??! You're onto a winner there!

Love my Serum - my skin has never looked better (well not in the last 10 years at least 🙂 ).. I use it under the face cream morning and night day & night, really light - smells fantastic and does a great job!

That is fabulous Linda and thanks for leaving this review on Google, it so helps people find our website, Deirdre

So happy I found this product!

I have used the beautiful face cream and the blam, blam balm for awhile now and have also added to that the Serum. These products are beautiful, amazing, healing and a product I trust and fully endorse. So pleased I found Deidre and very happy that her products are just like her, honest, and fully backed by her 100% and they work 💖

thank you Lyndle and so happy you found me too

I love using the Restorative Face Serum, especially after a hot dry Wairarapa day, it’s a great feeling to put it on at the end of the day and let my face have a lovely drink of all the good things in it. Unfortunately my daughter seems to like it too when she is here, so I may have to hide it. 😊
Sadly, I have learnt by experience, not to go near the 2 beehives we have when I am wearing your lovely lotions and body oil etc as the bees also took a liking to it and I got a lovely sting on my forehead, ouch!
On the positive side, a friend suggested this is a good thing (unless you are allergic to bee stings) as it is very good for your skin, like having free botox! No thanks, the thought of putting my face into the beehive is not appealing, so will leave it to the evening to apply your lovely oils.

delighted you both loving it and maybe her next birthday present :) I am not sure about the bee sting working like botox-probably not many people brave enough to test it!

A huge difference to my skin

I wish I had a before and after for you. I adore this product and it has made such a huge difference to lines and redness

LOVING the serum!

I have particularly dry skin but the serum has significantly helped. I started noticing a difference at around the 2 week mark. The combination of this and the face cream feels so nourishing and protective. Love!

Yum yum yum for the Blam, blam, blam + Hemp seed oil

I just love the smell, like I could eat it all up. Fabulous to know it’s feeding my skin.
I’m living and working between the tropics and Tasmania . Moving from tropical weather to a much drIer climate has its challenges. With this yummy skin food, my skin adapts really well. With the residual on my hands I moisten my lower legs. I’ve even had a foot, toe massage, my toes slurped it up.
The new Serum I’m also loving. After gently cleansing my face morning and evening, I apply 2 drops to my palms and caress my face.bit feels soo luxurious. Thank you A and M, Paula