Are you getting the most from the Multi purpose Blam Blam Balm?

Because the Blam Blam Balm is a true multi purpose skin care product and its more than a cleanser and should definitely never be in a cupboard waiting to treat insect bites. It's made with truly gorgeous ingredients which makes it a much better balm than others you will find out there, I swear. Here are my balm lovers' favourite ways to use it:  

  1. We have to start with the cleanser as it's why I made it in the first place,just for me. I did a video on how to do this way back at the beginning of this journey so lots of people use this as their night cleanser. (It's on the product page if you want to check it out) It’s a beautiful way to end the day, melt away the dirt and your worries, even if that’s just for a minute.

  2. It’s a lovely intensive nourishing treatment when your skin is feeling extra dry and needs a bit of special attention. Put it on for face for 30 minutes before wiping off or, like I do, sleep with it on. I used to say do not use it every night as your night-time moisturiser, but many people tell me they do (including my sister) so up to you!

  3. Slather your face in it when you are heading out on a cold windy day. The beeswax acts as a face protector, decreasing water loss and protecting your skin from the wind, while the oils nourish your skin.

  4. Give yourself a foot massage while you sit on the sofa watching telly and then go to bed with socks on for a great overnight treatment.

  5. And it’s simply the best hand balm and I have a bit of experience here, having spent a few years working as a hand hygiene coordinator with the Ministry of Health. And that's what lead to this brilliant review this week from Jo:

    “I'm taking this opportunity to do a big shout out to Dennis McC who introduced me to Blam Blam Balm by displaying a sample of the product at our workplace. The first application from the tester pot had me hooked with the beautiful scent alone ...”

    Dennis, borrowed his wife’s Blam Blam Balm to take to work at the beginning of Covid because his hands were wrecked from all the washing he was doing. The women in the office were curious about it so he asked if he could bring samples in for them to try. He ended up being such a great salesman and I was devastated when he retired this year, but thankfully he had Jo hooked! I do have a few Blam evangelists but he was my greatest unexpected advocate.


People tell me of all sorts of other miraculous results they get from the balm. I would never make these therapeutic claims but they've have written about it in the reviews they have left. But what people write about mostly though is the love they have for it and peace and joy they get from using it:

More than just skin care

"Yesterday's high point, opening the package from and seeing the lovely new labelling.Even better was using the Blam Blam balm. I’d run right out so missed it for a couple of nights. Breathing it in, plus the soft soothing feel. Every time I use it reminds me that however bad today has been, tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start." Katie


Blam blam balm gave my face back!

"I previously had major skin cancers removed from one side of my face. They had to go in deep to get it all. While I was healing I took a month off work, I hid at home and didn't go out at all.
A friend gave me some Blam blam balm which I was reluctant to use because of risk of infection. However after using only Blam blam balm for a month my face healed and the scars disappeared giving back my face and the confidence to go outside again after a month indoors! So thank you for creating it, I don't hide my face anymore with my hair and wear less make up, so I want to let you know how grateful I am, thank you!" Brenda