For Healthy, hydrated gorgeous skin in the cold months

Winter is very hard on our skin and as its impossible to avoid some of the elements that make it so: cold temperatures, wind and indoor heating making it dryer and sucking the moisture out of it so decreasing our natural protection so you do have to take extra care because hydration is necessary for healthy skin.

There are some elements we can avoid too so here’s a few easy but effective ways to keep your skin healthy in the cold and wet months. And then just keep them up as the weather warms because if they help in winter they will help all year round

Firstly, not to be a killjoy but hot water wrecks your skin! It strips all the natural oils that help protect it and keep it hydrated, healthy and looking gorgeous. So even though on these cold wet winter nights a long hot shower feels like a such a simple pleasure. It’s not. If you can’t see yourself in the mirror you need to dial down the temperature. If you have a heated mirror you will know from the steam in the bathroom or the red marks on your body.

And while cleaning your skin every night is an absolute essential, and yes, even when you have not been wearing make-up-there’s always going to be dirt there (especially the sunblock you are still using) But use a nourishing cleanser that removes the dirt and leaves your face feeling plump and gorgeous, you never, ever want dry, tight and squeaky clean skin. (you want to keep those protective oils) And no need to clean again in the morning.

Cut way back on exfoliation. I know there are many people telling you to scrub those dead cells off and I know it's marvellous to feel that post scrub soft, glowing skin after but those calls are performing a few critical jobs, one of which is protecting you from irritants and toxins from the outside and keeping much needed hydration in.

Protect your skin when you’re going outdoors on windy days with the blam blam balm -it acts as a barrier, keeping your face protected from the effects of the wind, stops excess water loss and nourishes your skin with all the fabulous oils. It’s a great lip balm too!

If your skin is feeling dry a good face oil is a great addition now. 

Absolutely do drink plenty of fluids but that’s not getting anywhere near those outer layers where you need it so use a Face Cream... a good luscious one: because a Face cream has all the elements to deliver the needed hydration to your skin as it is made up of water to hydrate, humectants to hydrate and lovely oils to nourish, soften and protect your skin. But make sure they are lovely oils, like Organic Marula, Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Jojoba and aloe vera (all in ours!)

And I know I am always saying this but it’s definitely worth repeating, use a sunblock when you are out between 10-4. Those harmful rays are still very much there in winter.

Last but not least, don’t forget the rest of your body, the skin all over your body is doing the same job as your face, even though it's a bit covered up 😊

Deirdre x