Seven steps to saving your skin from maskne

No one likes wearing masks. I spent years working in Intensive Care and then as an Anaesthetic Nurse in theatres where I had to wear a mask all day and I hated having my face covered for 8 hours a day. So, even though I really do not like wearing one again, I am grateful that it’s only for short periods, so I do feel for you if you have to wear one for work. 

While wearing a mask is essential to protect ourselves and others it’s not so great for our skin. There's even a name for the skin problems caused by face coverings: maskne (as mask-acne).

Masks stop saliva and droplets from entering the air and transmitting illness but they also do a great job of keeping bacteria and moisture on our skin — a hot and sweaty environment for creating acne and flare-ups of skin conditions including dermatitis, rosacea and eczema.

So, the focus needs to be on maintaining a strong skin barrier which means keeping your face clean, protected, and hydrated. Here are a few simple ways to prevent maskne and other problems:

Get the right mask and make sure it’s clean. A lightweight cotton mask that fits correctly will irritate less and cause less friction. And it needs to be cleaned every day — just like your undies!

Decrease make-up. Or if you must use it, choose a lighter style like a tinted moisturiser.

Clean your face properly at the end of the day with a gentle cleanser that removes make-up, sunscreen and dirt.

Use a cleansing face mask. A clay mask can calm and soothe breakouts and you can spot treat particular areas.

Use a good mosituriser at night to replenish the hydration and feed your skin.

Avoid scrubbing your face but if you do exfoliate regularly use a gentle exfoliator and keep it to 1-2 times a week. Over-exfoliation does not help your skin barrier and will increase dryness.

Avoid hot water as that increases skin dryness.

I have had a lot of messages from people who are wearing masks all day telling me how my products are helping them which makes me so happy. So, make your skin happy and healthy 😊 by keeping it clean and hydrated

Lynley on the Restorative Serum

With wearing a face mask all day at work, my face still feels fab at the end of my shift 💜. Thanks again for another awesome product that my skin loves.

Chrissy on Restorative Serum

It is so good! Especially for those of us wearing a mask all day. FB



Donna on the Blam Blam Balm after ordering 10 pots for Christmas

My go-to when wearing a mask at work every day 😘