The everything balm

One of my favourite stories about our blam blam balm is set in Peru.

Carol Anne was trekking in the Andes where the air is cold and dry. At high altitude it's tough on your skin and everyone in her group suffered badly from dry and cracked skin. Everyone except Carol Anne.

She was using the Blam Blam Balm.

I do get asked a lot about the balm and its uses. So here are a few that I recommend:


As it’s made with lovely nourishing antioxidants and vitamin-rich oils including rosehip, jojoba, hemp seed and evening primrose it is a great nourishing moisturiser for all of your body and especially great now in the cold weather to protect your skin.

Sleeping face mask

Because of the moisturising properties of the oils combined with the shea butter, the balm is excellent as a sleeping face mask. Put it on before you go to bed a couple of times a week and it will seal in the moisture and work its magic overnight.

Cuticle treatment

If your hands and feet are dry and rough, rub in some balm. It not only feels great, but it will help repair your damaged nails and cuticles.

Scratches and scars

The balm has great rejuvenating qualitires and will help repair damaged skin.

Hair texturiser

OK, you need short hair for this, which is what I have these days. Just rub a little bit into your palms and run your hands through your hair. It helps shape your hair but it also makes it feel clean and soft and smell amazing.


I was so happy when someone wrote on Instagram a few weeks ago that she wears her Blam Blam Balm as a scent on her neck and décolletage and described it as delicious. I have not worn a perfume since creating our balm and I feel good about that as I'm wearing something all-natural and nourishing without any harmful synthetic scents.

Lip balm

I’m not sure it will be to everyone’s tastes because it’s quite a sweet flavour – but for me it takes me right back to my childhood when I loved Parma Violets. So for any of you who know what I’m talking about with those sweets, you have to try it.

Cleaning your face

I did a video on this last year which went a bit crazy on Facebook and lots of people are now using the balm as part of their nightly ritual. You just need a little bit gently massaged onto your face and then wipe it away with a damp, warm cloth to cleanse the make-up and impurities from your face. It really does remove it all.

Self care

It is a beautiful end-of-day ritual and in the words of my yoga teacher this: “stunningly gorgeous balm helped me to end my day with scented blissful peace. I literally shed the day with one simple practice”. I have nothing to add to that.