We've kept going through a landslide, an evacuation and cyclone Gabrielle.

We are a small business operating out of my studio at our home in Titirangi. At the end of January after unprecedented rain and floods in Auckland we woke to this 36 metre slip in our garden. I was terrified, horrified, wanted to run away, hide, go back to Ireland ... but instead we evacuated and have somehow gotten through day-by-day. Then we had cyclone Gabrielle and were relieved beyond belief to return home after 48 terrible hours to find it in the same state we left it in (we think), and the house still standing 🙏. 

Although we are not living there thankfully, I have been able to keep Agnes&Me going through out all this as I am allowed to be in my workspace, as it’s a solid concrete bunker under the house. We had to spend a night in there on one of the terrible nights in late-January while the rain pounded from the heavens and thunder roared, but we were not able to get out of the street with all the slips. 

I am so feeling for all the people in dire circumstances all around the North Island. I can't describe how awful it is when your safe place becomes the unsafe place. I was brought up in the most bombed town in Europe post WWII and pre–Bosnia, and the last two weeks have been the worst — probably because I am older, this came out of the blue and when the fear for your safety passes it is that the future you thought you had built is no longer.

So, if you know someone in trouble, give practical help. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the people who climbed over a slip to check on us, got us water, offered us a bed, who packed us up, picked us up, put us up and fed us, poured us a warm beer in the power cut & made us feel safe🙏 

 So many people have messaged and emailed asking how to help. All I ask is you keep buying Agnes&Me, recommend it to your friends if you love it, and even write a review if you've not done one before. I will need to sell many jars of Face cream and Face Oil to pay for this repair.


I hope wherever you are you’re ok and safe.

💗 Deirdre