Canvas Magazine sings the praises of Agnes & Me Face Cream

Canvas magazine sings the praises of Agnes & Me

This is what beauty editor Tracey Strange wrote about our Face Cream in the New Zealand Herald's Canvas magazine:

"As big beauty companies race to come up with ever more futuristic-sounding innovations (stem-cell technology? DNA makeup? wipe-on wrinkle relaxers?), it’s nice to know that some brands are keeping things simple.

Great-looking skin requires neither obsession nor fortune. And while research shows that with maturity, we are more likely to admire ourselves more for our competence and less for our attractiveness to others, no one is immune to the spirit-lifting buzz of a compliment.

Wanting to look good is not only reasonable, it’s healthy. Enter Agnes & Me. The brainchild of former nurse Deirdre Doran, the boutique natural range is made by hand in Auckland’s Titirangi.

The products smell great, nourish the skin and lift the senses. Try Agnes & Me Face Cream, a well-formulated moisturiser that is simple but hardly basic."