For health's sake get out into the cold and the rain this winter!

My mother’s war cry in all the cold dark winter days of a Northern Ireland winter was always "get outside and get a good breath of fresh air" and there's now much research to support the wisdom of this.

Windy days are when you are least likely to pick up a bug — one study in 2021 showed there was less Covid in the air on wild days because the wind just blew it, and all the other the bugs away! Walking after a downpour is good for us as the rain causes the trees, soil and plants to release a feel-good compound for us to breathe in and rain also creates negatively ionised air which improves our respiratory health and immunity.

There are heaps of other benefits, too many to list here, so just take my mother’s advice and get out there … but before you step out in the cold and bracing wind protect your skin by slathering on some Blam Blam Balm to stop the wind dragging moisture out of your face and chafing your lovely skin xx