How to get glowing healthy skin naturally

First things first: can we agree that the glowing skin we see in magazines and on Instagram is often not real? I know we know all this, but when we are deep in mindless scrolling that wisdom is lost.

To have glowing skin, the focus needs to be on healthy skin: so it’s a long term thing, not an instant fix. It's not about trying every new product, believing every promise and buying every new shiny new object on the market.

But here’s a few things you can do that will result in healthier, glowier skin:

  • Clean your face every night to remove your make-up and the general dirt of the day.
  • Go easy on exfoliation. I know that exfoliating your skin can make you think it will glow like buffing a silver pot, but proceed with caution as too much can damage your skin.
  • Keep your skin hydrated. While drinking enough water is important for your health, and skin, you cannot drink your way to hydrated skin. 
  • Try to do all the things that truly make you feel better (note to self: I am not talking of the quick and short-lived gratification like eating chocolate biscuits or having a glass of wine). I'm talking about eating a healthy, balanced diet, exercising and sleeping well. And the big one, the easier said than done: decreasing your stress levels. 

And I know I said that it's not just about applying a product, but it is true that a few drops of face oil does help give your face a lovely instant glow 😊.