Saving Money on your Skincare Routine

So, the cost of living has risen, interest rates have gone up, a trip to the supermarket can cause palpitations … the issue is real. Here is my list of simple ways to save money but keep your skin healthy and gorgeous. It's longer than I expected it to be, so I hope it helps:

  • Choose good skincare products that are more economical, I recommend Agnes & Me of course. You do not need to spend $100 on a face cream or a Serum! Mostly you are paying for very fancy marketing and even fancier packaging.
  • If you’ve had issues with sensitivity, try mini sized products before investing in full size and make sure there is enough product for about 2 weeks which is enough time to know if it suits your skin. And if you have issues with your skin, make sure there’s a money-back guarantee. 
  • Stop double cleansing. Unless you are in the circus or on the stage wearing thick, hard-to-remove makeup you do not need to double cleanse. When I ran a Hand Hygiene programme at a major hospital, I spent a lot of time teaching staff not to follow a hand wash with alcohol gel because it was unnecessary, and it wrecked their skin. So do it once, at the right time and do it properly. Less cleansing means you use less product and its kinder to your skin. These companies want you to buy 2 products.
  • You do not need to cleanse your face in the morning unless you have very oily skin and waken with a film on your face. Use a cool damp face cloth to refresh your face in the morning, which will help with hydration as well as waken you up. Again, you decrease the damage to your skin and don’t use as much product.
  • Do not use cotton pads or wipes to clean your face. Use a face cloth — it will remove the dirt much better, it’s zero waste, costs way less and it is a much nicer experience.
  • Protecting your skin every day with a SPF 30* is the greatest way to save you money in the long run, no questions.
  • Buy a bundle where you can — it’s like your products are always on special.
    • If you are using a serum, make sure it’s one that is addressing the issue you are concerned with, whether that is wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, dullness or hydration.
    • Never apply skincare products on an unclean face — they are not going to work when layered on to the dirt of the day, residual sunscreen or other pollution…
    • Use the right amount, more is not better. Use 2-3 drops of oil or serum and a pea-sized dollop of face cream.
    • Resist the FOMO and the need to try every shiny new object. It will cost you a fortune and damage your skin — the Instagram influencers are not actually using all the stuff they are promoting; their skin would be wrecked if they were.
    • If you’re having a facial don’t get duped into over-buying after the blissed-out experience
    • Keep your products in the conditions recommended on the jar — store in a dark cool area and use them up in the time advised, which is usually 6 months from opening as this ensures they are at their best.
    • If you don’t have issues with sensitive skin and eyes and have not found a holy grail of eye creams (if you have found this, please let me know) consider cutting out the expensive eye creams. Your Face cream and/or serum could provide the hydration and treatment you need. Just don’t apply closer than 1cm under the eye -never past the orbital bone (this by the way is the same instruction for an eye cream) and patch test this sensitive area first.
    • Subscribe to your favourite brands email lists where you likely get a discount on sign up and have access to any special deals. We only offer special deals to our subscribers.

    So, I leave you with the best advice I can. Keep it simple. Make sure you have the essentials covered- a moisturiser morning and night and sunscreen every single day and clean your face (once) every night. Everything after that is an extra.