Morning Cleanse?

Should you clean your face in the morning?

I know loads of people do but really you shouldn't. Unless you have very oily skin.

The reason I say this is that I spent a chunk of my working life leading a Hand Hygiene programme at a very large DHB and everything in that job was about skin.

There were two big components to this job — making sure staff had clean hands to protect the patient and making sure the skin on their hands stayed healthy and intact, to protect both the staff member and the patients.  The focus was on cleaning at the right time with the right product and then protecting the skin with a good moisturiser three times during a shift, because cleaning your skin leads to dryness, always. 

So how does this apply to your face? Well, from your 40s your skin starts to get drier because oestrogen levels start dropping — and sadly oestrogen is an important hormone for hydrating your skin. As we age, the last thing we want to do is cause further dryness. So …

 Stop. Over. Cleansing.

 My rules are simple:

    • Clean your face once a day at night-time. 
    • And of course, it goes without saying that double cleansing is totally out.
    • Get a good cleanser that is replenishing. Look for ingredients that have lipids (oils). That way you remove the pollutants, the make-up, the sunblock and everything else on your face while replenishing it with at the same time. Squeaky skin is out, soft skin is in.
    • In the morning use a damp face cloth on your face. It's a refreshing way to start the day, removes any residue from your skin and adds a wee bit of extra hydration when you apply your morning products. It’s best to do it at the sink as the water in your shower will generally be too warm for your face. 

Keep it simple for healthy gorgeous skin and do as I tell you 🙂 And if you're way younger than 40 your skin will still thank you for this!

Deirdre x

P.S The blam blam balm is made with exceedingly lovely, nutritious fatty oils, including organic rosehip, hemp seed and jojoba so it’s a lovely way to clean off the dirt of day while feeding your face 🥰