Body oil: my new glowing skin secret

After years of using body butter I am now a complete convert to, and lover of, body oil.

And of course I am going to talk about our body oil as not all oils are created equal. The Agnes & Me body oil is simple skin care at its best: concentrated, beautiful oils. It nourishes, softens and moisturises my skin all day and it makes me glow inside and out. I know that sounds a bit corny but it's true. It does give my skin a glow and it makes me happy putting it on because it feels lovely and smells gorgeous; the orange and patchouli essential oils are uplifting and refreshing.

I was slow to make a body oil because I thought it would be messy and greasy and my clothes would end up with oil stains but actually it is the opposite. The oil I've made absorbs incredibly well and you need only a little bit so there is no mess and within a few minutes my skin feels soft and velvety.

Why I'm a fan of body oil

Other than the feel good factor here is why I have become body oil fan:

  • It's a concentrated blend of oils and nothing else so it is mega-skin food and it lasts all day
  • There is no need for preservatives as there is in a body lotion, butter or cream because there is no water base
  • It really does soften your skin and who doesn't like having their skin feel velvety soft?
  • Absorbs easily into the skin
  • Packed with vitamins and nutrients
  • Great for all skin types
  • Keeps skin moisturised all day long.

Some people advise using body oil before showering, especially if you are a fan of hot showers (as I have said many times hot water is not good for your skin as it strips it of its natural oils which will increase water loss!). But by applying the oil before the shower you are creating a barrier from the hot water. I have tried this and it is interesting, especially watching the water running off your skin, but I prefer to apply it after my shower (and I do follow my own advice about not using hot water). If you choose to apply it before your shower be very careful not to slip!!

A few drops in the bath bring added luxury

a few drops of Agnes & Me body oil in the bath is luxurious

It is also lovely as a bath oil; just drop a few drops in the bath and it coats your skin and the bathroom smells fabulous. This was first done in our house by my husband and I could not believe how amazing the room smelt. However, a little more elbow grease is required to clean the bath after and I am not a fan of that.

So my daily routine is simple and lovely: I apply it straight out of the shower when my skin is a little damp. The oil locks in the water and it keeps working throughout the day to help prevents further water loss and protect me from the elements.