Double cleansing. Should you be doing it?

I know so many skincare brands and their skinfluencers are telling you to double cleanse as if it’s a necessity in your routine — and in recent years it feels like if you're not doing it, you're in the dark ages and you are treating your skin sooo badly. It drives me bonkers because it's not true — you don't have to do it and you shouldn't do it because it's bad for your skin 😲 

Cleaning your skin is one of the harshest things you do to it, so why on earth would you do it twice? If the one cleanse is not cleaning your skin, you're using the wrong product or doing it wrong.

This double cleansing mania came from Korea, lots of celebrities raved about it (because they know what they are talking about, right?) and, of course, the skincare industry jumped on it. Why wouldn’t they when they can sell 2 products instead 1. 

As a nurse and a person who led the Hand Hygiene programme at a very large DHB where one of the main issues I dealt with every day was skin damage from over-cleaning, I do know what I am talking about.

Over-cleaning will lead to dryness and irritation, and it will break down the skin barrier — which is the cause of the many problems that I hear about every day: increased sensitivities, redness, dehydration, worsening eczema and breakouts.

Do it once, do it right and do it with a product that works really well, like my Blam Blam Balm 🥰

If you are not sure how to cleanse with a balm (or oil cleanser) here's a link to a video, I did a while ago. Scroll down to the Gorgeous Cleansing Ritual to watch it. 

I do need to make a new video with the new branding but the "how to" is still the same. 



Love love love the Blam Blam Balm 

"Such a great multi use product. Love using it as a cleanser! But this saved the skin around my nose during covid and the flu constantly blowing my nose. Also smells divine!"


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