Three Simple Steps for your best skin

Staying healthy, whether it's your body, mind or skin is not down to just a one trick, one product, one action. It's an accumulation of a regular routine. And when it comes to your skin there are 3 things you need to do every day:

  • Clean it every night;
  • Moisturise morning and night;
  • Protect it with sunblock every day.

I've talked a lot about sunblock recently so I won't go into that again but if you’ve missed it you can have a read here.

 And yes, you do have to clean your face every night, even if you’ve not worn make-up or sunblock.

If the last few years of Covid have taught us anything it's that we touch our faces all day, every day, and that our hands are rarely clean. I spent almost 2 years (way, way before Covid) as the Hand Hygiene Coordinator at a District Health Board trying to improve the hand cleaning practice of 6,000 people. It was a very hard, unsexy, impossible but sometimes rewarding job that I did not apply for (long story!) but doing that job I learned so much about skin, people, and the process of cleaning and caring for our skin.

 When I shone UV lights on hands and surfaces everyone was shocked at the dirt — especially at how bad our phones and keyboards are, and we are touching these even more than our faces. Anyway, enough said — your face is always dirty at the end of the day. You need to clean it!

Then you have to protect and feed your skin by moisturising it — whether that’s with a face oil or a face cream or both. 

If you have dry skin, then a face oil is the thing. If you’re dehydrated, or like me a wee bit older, then a Face Cream is the thing. If you are not sure if you have dry or dehydrated skin have a read 

Cleansing, moisturising and protecting are the absolute daily essentials — everything else you do after that is a bonus.