Why we Don't do Black Friday

When I started Agnes & Me almost 5 years ago one of my goals was to offer everyday affordable quality so you could have gorgeous healthy skin without breaking the bank. I want you to always be able to afford to take care of your skin.

For sure there are less expensive products out there, but I will never be competing with these brands because I am not a factory, and my aim is to always make great products using the best ingredients, not just one on-trend ingredient to put on the label as a marketing gimmick.

I know times are tough at the minute which is why I haven’t increased my prices even though my costs have increased considerably in the last year. I know there are sales all over the place and I am posting this on Black Friday, a day that has crept into our lives here in New Zealand bringing with it the American ethos of over consuming, overspending and not valuing what you purchased. Needless to say, I do not take part in it.

I am a small brand, that rarely runs sales. You will never see our products with a “save 50%” because I have not overpriced my products to allow me to do this.

Instead, I try to offer consistent fair pricing and exceptional value every….single….day

I don’t want you to have to worry about whether the product you need will go on sale next week or feel you have to stockpile them because they are on special. I prefer for you to feel comfortable buying the products when and as you need them. If you are one of my loyal email subscribers you do get discounts, gifts with purchase, free shipping as well as useful information...so if you’re not on the list- sign up -there’s even a started discount

I want to make you happy with our customer service, hand-wrapped parcels, eco-packaging, fast dispatch, gorgeous products and fabulous results.

And we do have the bundle options that give you great savings, but they are available every day.